Silent Suicide

You are just a few characters and letters from a quick guide to how to commit a silent suicide. First of all, this should only be attempted by a highly selfdepressive person, who doesn't have (or at least thinks it doesn't) anything to lose.

You should grab a bunch of sad and melancholic music and plug them into your mind with your favorite DAP or your favorite Media Player. By doing this, you should be submerged into a sad and melancholic state of mind...which will drive you to imagine memories from past...like a trip to all those long forgotten memories...remember that people say that when you are about to die, you see all of your memories like a movie in a second.

After that, try to pick some pictures of people in tragedy...like war pictures, people in africa, you know...tragic stuff.

Repeat this process until you feel in an abyss of selfdepression...by then, you should feel empty and practicly dead from the inside...in a very slow and silent way.

D4RK$0N-XD out.